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Elemental Series

The Elemental series speaks of the often undervalued beauty of our earth beneath it’s surface. Thin layers of metal sheet are over built up texture, with acrylic paint in my signature style to render the perspective shading and give the piece colour.

Symbolic of not only the ore and minerals under the earth, or the soil itself (both of which sustain the life above and provide the foundations for the beauty we enjoy), but also the changing Teutonic plates far beneath the earth’s surface. The highly stylised landscapes utilise colours to convey the essence and emotions of a place as well as represent the actual space. My signature brush strokes are built up over one-another in multiple layers, weaving together all the things that make a space. Every place has it’s own mini-ecosystem, that fits within the larger eco-system – multiple connections where a slight change here will result in a change over there. As delicate a balance as this is, each piece fits perfectly into the whole and the whole it all in all resilient.

We view a place as a moment in time – what we see is the place now, not before and not in the future. The artworks in the Elemental series push the boundaries of this; they are multi-dimensional pieces that change slightly with the light, direction of light, and the viewer’s physical position in relation to the work. Thus a place in a moment in time can be several moments in time, responding to you much the same as a place responds to the changing weather conditions, available water and other conditions. The colours and emotional qualities in the artwork change depending on the type of lighting and the angle. If you look at the piece from an angle it is very different to looking at it front on.

To me, these works are an abstracted alternate earth that mirrors our own in essence.

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