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Is My Payment Secure Buying Online?

Absolutely! All online payments are processed through PayPal so your card details are protected by their secure servers. Check out the PayPal website if you want to know more.

I am in the process of setting up AfterPay so watch this space!

What Do I Need To Know About Buying Art Online?

Buying artwork online isn’t that different to buying art in person. If you like a piece but have questions about it, please just ask. If you’d like more information about my career just let me know and I can send you through my CV, artist statement and other info. If you’d like photos of the back and sides or close-up details of a piece I can happily send them through too.

COLOURS – Please note that as all computer monitors display colour differently, there will be some variation between what you see on your screen and what the artwork/jewellery looks like in person. Artworks are carefully photographed to minimise colour variation.

DETAILS = In real life, more detail will be apparent in original works and prints than in photographs viewed online. This includes things like brush strokes, feather details, shading and of course texture.

WATERMARKS – Artwork photographs online include a small copyright watermark. This is only on the online photographs and not on the real thing, neither is it on any art necklaces or prints.

All originals are signed on the front bottom right with my artist signature, then signed again on the back with the artwork title and date.

Are All Artworks Ready To Hang?

All original artworks are ready to hang unless stated, if they’re framed the frame includes picture wire. Canvas boards have small D hooks on the back, you just slot these right into picture hooks. Stretched canvas has picture wire to hang on a picture hook, but large heavy pieces have D hooks to ensure they stay on the wall. Works on canvas are varnished several times to protect them from the elements and prolong their lifespan. All originals are signed on the front bottom right with my artist signature, then signed again on the back with the artwork title and date.
Artworks on paper/non-stretched artworks and prints are ready to be framed, please let me know if you’d like me to frame works on paper and I can organise a quote.

How Do I Hang Artwork?

To hang artworks, it’s generally recommended to hang the top about 1.8 – 2.2m from the floor level. But really, you want to hang them where they fit in with your furniture and more importantly where/at the height you interact with the artwork best. I measure roughly how far the picture wire is from the top of the canvas and then use a measuring tape to measure the height I want it on the wall, less that rough amount – and make a tiny pencil mark. Then I either clean the wall and put a command picture hook up, or a good old fashioned hammer and nail picture hook. The hard part if it’s a big canvas is lifting it onto the wall, if it’s bigger than 1m you will want a friend to help. Not that it’s heavy, just awkward to lift over your head an manoeuvre into place. Once it’s up make sure it’s level, either by eye or using a level. Make sure you use a picture hook that’s suitable for the weight of the painting so it stays on your wall :)
If you’re hanging a work with 2 D hooks, follow the steps above but measure the distance between the top of the two hooks, and mark the same height on the wall twice, that distance apart. You will want to make sure this is level before hammering in the picture hooks. If this is all too hard, you can always string picture wire between the two D hooks (just make sure you get the heavy gauge stuff :)

How Do I Look After The Artwork Once I Receive It?

Artwork is safest hung on your wall. To look after artworks while they’re on your wall, try to keep them away from excess moisture & drastic temperature changes (don’t stick them over your stove etc.). You can clean them by gently wiping with a damp cloth or dusting them gently.
All framed works are protected behind the glass frame and sealed at the back to keep dust and other contaminants out (with the exception of works that are framed without glass. lol. They’re varnished like a canvas). Looking after framed works is the same as looking after works on canvas. All wine and coffee artworks on paper need to be in a frame behind glass.
If an artwork falls off the wall, it will likely get a dent in it or the glass will smash, so using a strong picture hook in the right spot will avoid this. (Stating the obvious again Amy? Geeez…)
Artworks in a coffee painted frame need a bit of extra care, please don’t hang them where they’ll get loads of sunlight all the time or put them anywhere near steam. The frames are varnished after being painted with coffee but sudden temperature changes could cause the varnish to peel. So keeping it in your sunroom probably won’t work, unless you change the frame :)
Finally, if you’re storing artworks or just waiting till you decide where to hang them, it pays to either lay them flat in a safe space out of the way,or lean them up against a wall. Make sure the front of the artwork is facing the wall (just in case) and don’t stack artworks so that the edge of one touches the middle of another (it could leave a dent). If you can’t avoid that, you can put pieces of thick cardboard between the works. It’s also worth laying a blanket or cardboard down first to protect the bottom of the art.

What Do I Need To Know About Artwork Prints?

Artwork prints are reproductions of original artworks, and come in 2 types: open edition (posters) and limited edition (only a certain number created). I offer limited edition prints which are signed, and limited to 100.
To make the limited edition prints, I first photograph/scan the original artwork and make sure it is as crisp, clear, and close to the original as possible. I then print it onto A4 180gsm matt paper (not shiny/glossy and thicker than normal paper), making sure I leave enough space around the artwork image so it looks good when you frame it. Once that’s done I then use a pencil to note the edition number (e.g. 1/100), title, and sign it with my artist’s signature. It’s then put into a plastic sleeve and sandwiched between thick card to protect it before it’s sent off to you :) You don’t need to use a mat board for prints, so any A4 frame that you like will work fine.
Some artwork prints are printed larger than the original artwork, this is possible because I take high resolution images of my artworks. So no, they’re not blurry! All prints have at least a 1inch (2.54cm) border around them for framing and are printed on A4 paper (21.0 x 29.7cm) and can be cut to a smaller size if you prefer, for instance trimming square works into a square. If you’d like to do this I recommend using a light pencil and ruler to outline the cut lines on the back first, and leaving enough space around the artwork so it will fit into the mat board opening/frame opening.

How Is My Order Shipped To Me?

Original artworks are sent by courier (UPS, TNT) from Melbourne, Australia. Once the item is sent I’ll forward any tracking information to you. Insurance to the value of $200.00 is included, if you would like additional insurance or express shipping please contact me before placing your order and I’ll get you a quote.
Prints are sent by Australia Post, standard mail. Art Necklaces are sent by Australia Post, standard Parcel Post. If you would like tracking, express post or insurance please contact me before placing your order and I’ll arrange a quote for you.

How Long Will It Take Until I Receive My Order?

Processing Times:
I’ll have the item wrapped, packed and shipped to you within 3 business days however I aim to ship it the same day you order it if the courier company or post office is still open (e.g. if you place your order before lunch).

Postage Times:
Within Australia:
Original Artworks –3-4 business days (tracking info provided)
Prints and Necklaces – 3-4 business days
Original Artworks – 4-10 business days (tracking info provided)
Prints and Necklaces – 5-10 business days

How Is The Artwork Packed To Be Sent To Me?

Artworks are wrapped up super tight, in loads of layers using polystyrene sheets/cardboard, multiple layers of bubble wrap, a thick cardboard casing, plastic as water/spillage protection and finally the actual postage satchel/box.
Non-stretched artworks, prints and works on paper are sent in plastic with thick card to protect them. Framed artworks are sent with the glass (with tape over the glass) to protect the art. If you’d like the glass removed for extra safety please just let me know.
Necklaces come in a 2oz silver coloured tin with a clear lid, protected by tissue paper. You can re-use the tin to keep little trinkets like earrings.
I’m Eco-Conscious — all packaging materials are recycled where suitable.
If you’d like free gift wrapping just let me know!

Can You Post Artwork Overseas?

Absolutely. Flat rate shipping for international locations should show in the cart, if your country isn’t listed please contact me.

I Prefer To See Artwork In Person Before I Buy It. Is This Possible?

If you’re in Melbourne, Australia you can contact me and make a time to visit my studio in Hawthorn East and view the artwork you’re interested in over a coffee.

Alternatively, I can send more photos of the work if you’d like more information or more detail on a particular aspect. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Do You Accept Commissions?

Yes, I definitely do. Please check out my commissions page, and have a look at my current works for sale to get an idea of the cost. I don’t charge more for a commissioned piece, I price it the same as other works (based mostly on the size of the work) but please bear in mind it could take some time…

Payment, Refunds and Exchanges?

Items will be shipped once payment is received in full. I am not GST registered so no GST is included/required for any transactions within Australia – however international customers will need to check any import/customs taxes etc. as you are responsible for these.

If you have any issues, queries or concerns please contact me :)

Please note I do not offer a refund if you change your mind. I abide by Australian Law, you can find more info on it here:
However if you have any issues at all please contact me and we can sort it out for you painlessly and hassle free.
Sometimes, because things are handmade or just everything in general, stuff doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. I stringently check everything I make, but if something does break shortly after you get it :(,doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do or if I’ve stuffed up somehow (I hope not!) let me know asap so we can sort it out with a refund or replacement, whichever is easier for you.

Because artwork is fragile, I’m weary of offering exchanges and would prefer not to. However you can always get in touch with me if a piece of original art isn’t quite what you wanted once you’ve got it on your wall  If you’re not 100% sure about an original artwork I am more than happy to send you through more images including detailed photographs, another option is to order a limited edition print first and see if you like it.

What About Copyright & Reproductions?

All photographs on this site are copyright Amy Mills, this includes without limitations all photographs of artworks. If you buy an artwork (original or print) you own the artwork however I retain the copyright. (This means you can’t make copies of the artwork, sell prints of it etc. and while you own the original I may sell prints of the artwork.)
I will never do another painting ‘copy’ of an original artwork, all artworks are one of a kind.

Can You Tell Me More About Your Business?

I’m a full-time visual artist and have been exhibiting and selling artworks since May 2010.

My ABN is 27 685 126 680 and trading name is Amy Mills. I am not currently registered for GST.

If you require further information such as my business address, contact phone number etc. please just send me a message.

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