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Yes! You can commission a work of art just for you. Also, if you like a particular piece on this site but wish it was red instead of blue etc. this is also possible :)

How does it work? Well, just send me an email letting me know what you’re after and I’ll get my creative juices flowing… You’ll also get a quote on how much (including postage so let me know where in the world you are), and how long. You’ll also get emails of your custom artwork being made so you can check on the progress.

What types of things will can do for you? Have a look through the artworks on my site to get an idea of my style.

How much will it cost? It doesn’t cost more to have an artwork commissioned just for you! The price depends on the size, medium and to some extent the complexity. To get an idea have a look through artworks currently for sale – a small painting of a bird on paper is roughly $65, a large 1m x 1m landscape in acrylic and metal leaf is roughly $590, a medium sized painting in wine would be around $150.

How long will it take? It really depends on what you want… but to give you an idea, a small coffee painting usually takes me a week and a large abstract landscape takes me a few months… this includes all the research, concepts and planning that goes into each artwork.

Want to know more? Check out my handy-dandy flow chart —> and then send me an email!

how to commission artwork

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