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Drowning In A Day Dream Necklace

Handmade Artwork Print Necklace
1 inch pendant on 18 inch chain


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Drowning In A Day Dream Necklace 2 (605x449)Handmade round art-print necklace. This is a print of my artwork, set into a pendant. Glass pendant is 1inch (2.5cm) in size and set in a metal backing. Ball chain is 22inches, metal is hypoallergenic alloy that keeps it’s colour and is very sturdy. If the ball chain is too big for you, you can cut it to the size you want using scissors :) – or just let me know and I can do it for you!

The title for this artwork, and indeed the artwork itself, is inspire by a Corrosion Of Conformity song ‘Drowning In A Daydream’. The song, like the band, is very grungy and heavy but has stunning vocals that evoke all sorts of emotional responses from a music lover like myself. The artwork is almost the opposite of the song in many ways with it’s pretty, calming pastel pinks and blues. The foreground and ground is neither water nor grassland, rather a mixture of both. The trees are highly stylised cones, standing in a regimented row like soldiers in a fairy tale, yet all oink and orange. They sky is like candyfloss, yet it’s also like a red night sky telling us tomorrow’s weather will be fine and a red morning sky warning us of potential rain for the day… So this artwork is a peaceful contradiction; both ready for battle and at the same time purely relaxed. It’s the good and the bad of daydreaming the day away…

acrylic and metal leaf on canvas 2012 20.3x20.3cm Elemental series



Necklace Colour

Silver Tone

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