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Caffeine Fueled Self Portrait

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coffee, wine and metal leaf on paper | 2013 | 51.5 x 71 cm
This is the first artwork I painted using either coffee or wine! It was originally created for a portrait show where the theme was the process of creation as opposed to the finished portrait. This work obviously shows that I drink a lot of coffee and some wine while I create art, but it also speaks of my social anxiety and the feeling of being totally exposed when I exhibit a piece, and how this thought is in my mind during it’s creation – expressed through the lack of clothes. The semi-reflective surface in the metal leaf also expresses my desire to create something which is ‘great’ or luxurious (being gold in colour), as well as the fact that I’m considering how the viewer will interact with and relate to the finished work under scrutiny.


figures and people


coffee, metal leaf, wine



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