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I don't currently have any art exhibitions on at the moment. Why not sign up to my newsletter or follow my Facebook page to be notified of new shows?

Several of my artworks in wine and coffee are available to view and purchase at Northwest Healing Studio in Seattle, USA

711 N. 35th Street, Suite 207 (on floor 2A)

Seattle, WA 98103 USA

Touring exhibition, my piece will first be exhibited in Milan, Italy.

Imago Mundi is a huge world wide art project & brain child of Luciano Benneton

An art experiment aimed at researching and exhibiting the broad range of creative diversity. Artists are given a subject, they create half of an artwork on the subject and a member of their family complete the other half of the object however they do not collaborate or see the artworks until both halves are finished.

- Auckland, New Zealand

Dates TBA

Q Theatre, 305 Queen St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

- Sydney, Australia

- Louisiana, USA

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